Thursday, November 22, 2012

LOGIX College is arranging a Award Ceremony. In this ceremony medals and certificates will be awarded to the selected successful students. Registration is Open for short courses and VU students.
Students who are interested to participate in ceremony activities (e.g. Drama performance, Recitation of Holy Quran, Script writing, Comparing) can also contact us.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pakistan is passing through tough times and the economy is slow, resulting in fewer job opportunities. Perhaps the only way is to provide an environment that encourages youth to consider an entrepreneurial career instead of competing for scarce jobs.
Stakeholders such as government, educational institutions, the Central Bank, and the private sector need to work together to meet these challenges. In this context Mr. Syed Saquib Mohyuddin, CEO of BSF (Ministry of Finance) visited LOGIX on 13th Nov. 2012. LOGIX is already working on the project to establish a Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CEL).

LOGIX location at Google Map
LOGIX College opened a new campus for: COMSATS Institute of IT
@ Jail Road, Near PAF College, Sargodha.
For further details contact: 048-3724999

LOGIX College Sargodha Conducted an Eastern European University Association’s Seminar Guests wereMiss Margarite (Admission Head EEUA Moscow Russia),Mr. Waleed Ullah Shah (Head of regional Office Pakistan) to guide the students how they can continue their studies in Russian and Ukrainian Universities, This is a non-profit organization Providing affordable quality Education

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

VU Help Desk

LOGIX College (PSGD01) is arranging a help desk to resolve VU Students’ academic issues and it is being established from 13 Nov to 15 Nov (Tuesday to Thursday) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in LOGIX College. For further information contact: 048-3220901, 048-3220903.

Monday, November 5, 2012

‘Village Computer Literacy Program’ by LOGIX


As a social responsibility LOGIX Foundation designed a grand project called ‘Village Computer Literacy Program’ (VCLP) with the sole noble intention of imparting free and needed computer education to the interested teachers and students of 
the underprivileged area.

The Govt. elementary School Miani is a mid to large size school comprising of approximately 500 students. Six computers from Mr. Khawaja Naseem Iqbal Saigol were donated to this school which set-up a computer room. LOGIX IT Team visited that school and imparted basic computer training to almost thirty teachers of this village. Not only the students but even their parents were excited. They impart Practical knowledge (Microsoft Office software packages like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Paint) and Theoretical knowledge (basics of computer system, its architecture, numbering system etc.). The main emphasis was for the teachers to have realized the knowledge of computer system and its application which in turn would help them to implement computer studies in their schools. LOGIX team received wide support from the school headmaster, who has been very keen and enthusiastic of the project.
We have the mission to serve the low income and under privileged people to foster self-reliant and thriving communities. Together we will create an environment where each and every individual in the society can look forward to have a promising future.